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I have 44, the sluttyred lady next door was 29 with a great figure. To be honest, until a month ago in June, the summer we only had this year, the temperature was over 30 % of my wife was out aweek really was at work so I could go home for lunch decided to rest in the garden. He had an open bottle of wine, listened in a chair at my shorts, I'm the girl next to her car so new no one for a while. So I took off my pants and was bare sleep all afternoon, I must have slept because I woke up, had a look around and saw the door open next door, but there is a fence six feet between us do not worry too tion, but slipped on the way back just in case. Lying on my back deck, I heard sluttyred my neighbor screaming that I'm opening a bottle to accompany me. We had drinks together before, but always in pairs, with my wife away, who has not new'm very important that your husband is at work, so I said ok and walk to the sluttyred door of her house sluttyred when she opened the wea doorRing has a very small tip, which only covers the breasts and a thong felt my cock jump in my pants. We sat at the table in his backyard and we had a glass of wine when she gave out her boob is visible at the top that could sluttyred help 't more than look. And she said : Sorry, but looking for or snoping look better with his shorts with them thro a hole in the fence while I was sleeping and I said that would have allowed a huge erection. My erection was new, she realized that she pulled the top, where her beautiful breasts and peri fun sunbatheing told me naked, takes off her underwear and my erection sluttyred was gone explosion outside my control and indication shorts. She approached me and grabbed my shorts and I said it was not necessary to ask twice, needless to say, do not have much sun will put his head between my legs and lick and suck my erection then leaned in with tabe ass in the air, I threw my tongue deep into her wetness proved that good had put a blanket on the lawn we were in it and opened my legs and slid my throbbing cock deep into her wet, she was very noisy and breathless for more, is required licked and fucked in every possible way, by the evening and went home a very happy person and I think she was too. had to say, unfortunately, a few weeks ago they moved away, and summer never disappeared opportunity to enjoy our evening. So if someone feels the hope is in place email me, soon the sun !
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